Music: Foster the People -Torches

MGMT lovers are probably hyped up for these young bombs (Passion Pit, The Ting Tings, et. al) to bring electro-pop familiar. Foster the People , you probably know them by now and is familiar with “Pumped up Kicks” as it’s been played repeatedly on radios for quite sometime last May this year. You may find it addictive or it annoys the fark out of you.

Surprisingly, I have never been this addicted to a whole album. Usually, I can only stomach a couple or so songs but Torches proved me wrong. Never a fan of electronic pop either but Foster the People.

“Houdini” was the first single (and my favorite)  that brought me to the band. It was love at first hear in a likely to be a one hit wonder kind of way. But after hearing the whole album, I was just enthralled. Probably, it’s the subtle nuances of the vocals and/or the catchy beat, sugar-coated, radio friendly and summery fun feel of this new old sounds that had me charmed and it was no surprise since I found out that  Mark Foster (lead singer) used to write jingles for television ads. Try listen to “Pumped up Kicks” chorus and imagine some Coca-cola ad or something.

“Helena Beat” , next to “Houdini” is another love. “Don’t Stop” and “Call it what You Want” as well makes you want to run into the fields or go biking or do anything whatever summery fun activities you have in mind. Torches is sick it can make my muscles move in a disco fiasco way.

I’m not saying this band is better than the others or their work is a masterpiece. In fact, if you listen to the whole album it’s more like music than lyrics to me.  But theirs is infectious that you find yourself singing along but have no idea what the real words are. I’d rather dig this over some cheesy pick-up lines and hey, isn’t how that music suppose to be?   That even without message it brings you to a state only music can do?