Feature Film: Love Me If You Dare

“I like jacks, Monopoly, but only when I’m a banker. I love marbles, I always win… but there’s one game you must never play. Even if your best friend wants you to. And that’s burying yourself in a block of cement. -Julien

The very first word that came to mind after watching this film: Amelie. It has the Amelie feel but a bit darker. I find it ironic in that area, the visuals and the tone is so colorful and bubbly yet its attack is so bitter and harsh.

Two strangers (Julien and Sophie) met during their early childhood days, grew up together, developed an odd friendship and along the way, realized they’re in love with each other. Oftentimes, with this kind of plot we expect something mushy, feel-good flick . But not Love Me If You Dare. It’s not as romantic as I thought it was but that doesn’t make it less of a  film. In fact, I find it unique with its approach to a love story and it’s the very reason, i think, why the audience will either love it or hate it.

There are moments when I got tired with their games that I wanted it to fast forward to the ending part but at a second viewing of it, I realized it was perfectly done that way. The odd games that Julien and Sophie play subtlety or exaggeratedly symbolizes real people and our sometimes naive approach to, well…relationships. How annoying Julien and Sophie gets in this movie is just a reflection of us and the annoying games we play with..again, relationships.

For the ending part, I cannot place my say about it. I get the symbolic scene of love and death for “together forever” but it’s just so creepy and sweet, frustrating and brilliant. And also, I think there were some unnecessary clips that were added in there. But I admire Director Yann Samuel for challenging the audience’s expectation with his creativity and unique approach.

Overall, it’s good. Watch it if you dare.

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