Feature Film: The Last Kiss

“Stop talking about love. Every asshole in the world says he loves somebody. It means nothing. It still doesn’t mean anything. What you feel only matters to you. It’s what you do to the people you say you love, that’s what matters. It’s the only thing that counts.” -Stephen

Real. Raw. Natural.

A movie that best describes about the turning point in our lives.

The story focuses on Michael (Braff) and his about to change life with his pregnant long time girlfriend Jenna (Barrett). Knowing this, Michael got scared of the new life he’s going to face and got caught in between settling down with Jenna or keeping his youthful adventures with a college girl, Kim (Bilson).

I love the screen play, it has a solid writing, I think. The only flaw I noticed is that, in the early  part, the life that Michael was revolving to was showed in a not so neat way, bouncing from one character to the other:  his friends and their different struggles in their 30’s . Jenna’s parents in their 50’s or 40’s that also went through a rough time. Then suddenly focuses on Michael, leaving the other characters invisible for quite a moment. Eventually, it was wrapped up with a not so in tact montages of each of the characters that was being introduced earlier, giving “The Last Kiss” a weak built up. For me, it could have been better if the supporting cast and their stories that leads to the main character was given just enough exposures and arranged neatly to connect the dots.

Nevertheless, the film is good. Quite relateable to a certain audience and one of the most satisfying film for me. My favorite part would be that  scene when Michael tried to win Jenna back and never gave up no matter what. I guess, this film had me at their dialogues. It gave me a new perspective at love, relationships, commitment and life after youth.