Feature Film: Moonrise Kingdom

He is an orphan. + She’s a misfit.  = A young love on the run.

An American film with a French flavor.

From the very beginning, this movie caught my taste for its visual presentation. Apart from it, the story line is so simple yet it was presented creatively.  I like how Anderson used deadpan dialogues and odd characters to bring a simple story line outstanding. This is the first Wes Anderson movie I’ve seen and based on Moonrise Kingdom I can tell that his film-making style is creatively unique without even trying so hard. If  I’d think this movie was presented differently, it would have fallen to a kiddie porn genre but Anderson managed to put everything at their right places. I would also like to emphasize the actors with their superb acting.

To wrap it up, Moonrise Kingdom is the kind of movie that brings your childhood memories back to life but gives you witty insights on an adult level. I have to admit that this is thus far one of the best films I’ve seen this year.