Feature Film: Eulogy For Things Left Unsaid

My ultimate favorite from Rob Chiu. It’s about memories and regrets. Everything from our childhood changes as we grow up. We make different choices in life which shapes our future. When we are older, we look back with all the yesterdays and find ourselves inevitably dealing with regrets about the decisions we made, the opportunities we’ve missed, the things we never did and said, wondering how things will be different if only… It also deals with loss of someone or something or some place and how all these becomes memories. That nothing lasts forever. Even memories blur and fades in time. It’s that point in your life of no return and the only thing that connects you to the past are memories.

Memories blur into dreams
Light bleed into truth
Everything unforgiving
Everything becoming hollow
Loneliness consumes and there is no way back
The places you played
The places you called home
The people you thought you loved
All of them
Reduces to memories of another life
Life you’ve never lived
All the yesterdays that can’t form a tomorows
All the tomorrows that never came from yesterday
A new beginning
Because forever has never forever