Feature Film: The Hunger Games Trailer (November 2011 Repost)

THG fans are surely babbling about the official trailer and I’m counting myself as one. The trailer is just fantastic. Actually, I imagined District 12 to be messier and gritty and the Capitol darker. The reaping part, I was actually expecting it in a covered area and more compressed. Effie’s voice and appearance is perfect. The dress. Oh the dress, it wasn’t exactly what I imagined it from the book. From the words “FLAME” and “GIRL ON FIRE,” I was expecting it to be a lot more blazing and more than the usual. And the part where Katniss should impress the game makers, I thought about something else, like she shot an arrow on an apple at the game-makers’ table. And President Snow is in this trailer. I expected him to looked more villainy than that. And Rue’s slight appearance in this trailer just leads me back to that moment in the book where I weeped so hard. My favorite part in this trailer is the 2:24 ‘till last. It’s also the part in the book where I’m starting to love the game and the book’s whole concept. Only that, I imagined the arena to be darker and scarier. Surprisingly, the cast looks good. I was actually disappointed the moment I learned about the cast but in this trailer, I’m convinced. And I’m digging Lawrence as Katniss. And oh, the mocking-jay whistle in the last part gave me the chills. You don’t have an idea how effin happy I am right now. I can’t even stop pressing the replay button time after time. If 2012 is the end of the world, I’d be sure to die happy. March 23, may the odds be ever in our favor!

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