Feature Film: Ginger And Rosa


A coming of age film about two best friends inseparable since birth and whose friendship was tested as they grow as teenagers. It was a great film, actually. What I don’t understand and is trying to comprehend though is, why Ginger doing what she’s doing? I would understand at first why she’s not saying anything when she’s hurt but God, after what her father and her best-friend did to her? I can’t stand seeing her suffering and not doing something about it. I pity her and at the same time mad at her.


I was already cursing at the screen during this part of the film. I wanted to slap her best friend and father for her. I wanted to do that for her. Why??? Why just cry and not say anything? I’m starting to hate her at the end of the film and thought that part weakened the whole plot. But no, I don’t want to dwell on that. I  want to convince myself that there’s an underlying message the film director or the writer wants to pass to her audience. And then it hit me. When Ginger expresses her anxiety over nuclear wars and the end of the world, one of her godfather begged her to grow up and be a woman for a moment. When you are at the age of still finding yourself, you sometimes get lost in the way and would react differently to the situation. Growing up can be pretty hard. Just like Ginger’s case. And like her godfather, we can only wish the same for her. To grow up and be a woman sooner.

I have to point out Elle Fanning and Alice Englert’s performance in this movie. Amazing young talented actresses. Especially knowing Elle was 13 when they filmed this.  And oh, i thought the movie title should be “Ginger” since it shows in the movie more of her story or thought.

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  1. The part where she was crying in the room frustrated me so much, too–with her father just sitting there, but I can understand that she didn’t want to hurt her mother, her father, Rosa. It was like the truth was the nuclear bomb that would kill everyone. But Elle Fanning was amazing!

  2. Exactly, my feels, and yes, i agree with you on how amazing Elle Fanning was on this film.


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