Featured Film: Get Out


Knowing this is a horror film, I have less expectations about it but holy molly it did shook  the nerve out of me. It’s horror in the most realistic way. The kind that makes you shit in your pants and you can’t move because you’re frozen out of fear. It’s creepy and satisfyingly gruesome at the same time. It’s a different take on racial discrimination.

Get Out’s story line revolves around a black guy meeting his white girl’s family.  And what happened there is for you to find out.


Feature Film: Moonrise Kingdom

He is an orphan. + She’s a misfit.  = A young love on the run.

An American film with a French flavor.

From the very beginning, this movie caught my taste for its visual presentation. Apart from it, the story line is so simple yet it was presented creatively.  I like how Anderson used deadpan dialogues and odd characters to bring a simple story line outstanding. This is the first Wes Anderson movie I’ve seen and based on Moonrise Kingdom I can tell that his film-making style is creatively unique without even trying so hard. If  I’d think this movie was presented differently, it would have fallen to a kiddie porn genre but Anderson managed to put everything at their right places. I would also like to emphasize the actors with their superb acting.

To wrap it up, Moonrise Kingdom is the kind of movie that brings your childhood memories back to life but gives you witty insights on an adult level. I have to admit that this is thus far one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

Feature Film: Like Crazy


I had this entry a year ago but was put into the draft category for the reason that I was too afraid to write something not good. I loved this movie so much and I can’t let it pass. Finally, I had the time to fully watch the movie again last night and tried to observe if my view of  it changes the second time around. I still feel the same. It’s like my heart is wrenched every time I watch them both deal with their issues.

Like Crazy is about two people, Anna (Felicity Jones), a British exchange student in Los Angeles who fell in love with Jacob (Anton Yelchin), a design student. Their love was challenged by distance prior to Anna’s violation of overstaying her student visa just to spend more time with Jacob. They will be separated for a year, for a month, for a week… for how long?  Forever?

When you are in love with someone like crazy, you do all things just to make it work but when situation itself is parting you away from each other,  no matter how crazy in love you are sometimes you can’t help but realize that distance is a big issue. How long will it last? How will you make it work? How often will you be talking? How long will it be to see them in person again? You decide whether or not to make the relationship open. What about changes? Especially when it takes too long to see each other again and for some cases, the time is unknown. And during those times in between, you get to meet new people and experience new things and that adds up to the changes. You’ll be the same person but you feel and think differently.

That’s what happened to Anna and Jacob. They were in love and then got separated and met other different people. When they got back together, you saw them reminiscing about the sweet ol’ days. They’re both trying to get back to that feeling but it’s awkward and different now because they both knew that something in them had changed.

Knowing this movie has an improvised script had me all hailing to the actors. Especially Felicity Jones. This made the film so natural and realistic. Also, I found out that this movie was shot with a Canon EOS 7D. You see, you can make good movies without all those unnecessary flashing  graphic effects and it doesn’t mean that a blockbuster hit movie is a good film. Anyway, watch the movie and share your opinion.

like crazy

FACT: Like Crazy is inspired by real-life experience of director Drake Doremus and his ex-wife.